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Mineral Pot & Accessories
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5 Steps Filtration For Mineral Pot

Easy & convenience to use

Cost saving

Durable Quality

Food Graded materials

Uses natural resources of Mineral Stones (without chemicals)

Provide clean & safe drinking water

  • Suitable for most of the Mineral PotWater Filter
  • Antibacteria
  • High Flow Rate
  • Ready Stock
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to Install & Remove
  • Low maintenance costs for cleanwater
  • Durable Quality
  • Fast shipping

Capacity:15 Litre

Application: suitable for most of the top of Water Dispenser

Package included:

1 x 15L Mini Mineral Pot with Ceramic Filter for Water Dispenser

1 x Korea Ceramic Dome Mineral Pot Filter/ UK Ceramic Filter (can be replaced once reach life span)
1 x 4 Steps filter for Mineral Pot (can be replaced once reach life span)

1 x tap water for Mini Mineral Pot 

1 x Instruction Manuals


* Suitable for most of the Mineral Pot Water Filter


*High Flow Rate

*Ready Stock


*Easy to Install & Remove

*Low maintenance costs for clean water

*Durable Quality

*Fast shipping



Mineral Stone Refill/Replacement for Mineral Pot

Releases mineral and oxygen, adjust PH of water to mild alkaline which helps restore the PH balance of body fluids and makes the mineral spring water tasty.

Measurement: 13.5 x 4.5 x 4.5cm


Water Tap for Mineral Pot

Suitable for most of mineral pot in the market