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30ml Luxury Fragrant / Minyak EWangi by Be Luxury

Comes in original Packaging.

Sweet, comfortable, and lasting smells.


4 Types Of Luxury Smells to Choose!!

1) Gorgeous Lady

2) Charming Single

3) Sexy Poison

4) Princess Aura

- Physical filtration to remove contaminants
- Removal of chemical and other dissolved substances
- Produce alkaline and high anti-oxidation effect.

- Reliable and safe materials


Korea Colours Rich Luxury Lisptick /10 Colors / 10 Pilihan Warna!!

German formulation.

Matte Colors

Sweet, Rich and Lasting Colors



* Photos are taken from actual products without edit and photoshop.

* NO Exchange/Return/Refund due to hygiene issue.Thanks for your understanding.


~For aquarium use.

~The white sand will brighten the appearance of your tank, which highly improve your tank appearance (natural and elegant).

~Fish happiness increase, as tank becomes more natural and peaceful.

~Improve water quality, the tank water will remaining clean.


20" Pentek CTO US Carbon Block Filter/Penapis Karbon

measurement: 2.5" x 20"


Filter size: 9 3/4" x 2 7/8" ( 247 x 73 mm )

Micron Rating: 0.5 micron nominal

Temparature Range: 40-165°F (4.4 - 73.9°C)

Initial ∆P (psi) @ Flow Rate (gpm): 15.0 psi @ 1 gpm ( 1.0 bar @ 3.8 L/min )

Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction @ Flow Rate (gpm): > 20,000 gallons @ 1.0 gpm (>75,700 liters @ 3.8 L/min)

VOCs* (Volatile Organic Compounds) gal @ gpm: 600 gallons @ 0.6 gpm (2,270 L @ 2.3 L/min )

MTBE* gal @ gpm: 500 gallons @ 0.6 pgm (1,890 L @ 2.3/ L/min)

Cyst reduction **: > 99.95%


20" PURE CTO Carbon Block Filter/Penapis Karbon

NSF Certified

Measurement (W) x (H) : 7cm x 20"


 20" CTO Carbon Block Filter/Penapis Karbon

  • Easy oral fluid specimen collection
  • Fast result in 15 minutes assary time
  • Eastvisually interpretation
  • Simple operation, no equipment required
  • High accuracy

Size (W) x (H):7cm x 10"

  • High Performance Carbon Block Filter
  • Removes Harmful Substance such as Chlorine, Benzene, Trichlorethylene
  • Have long life-be able to repeat scrubbing the filter
  • Prevention of bacteria's further growth



* Remove taste & Odours in water

* Remove chlorine in water

  • Sediment removal.
  • Chlorine reduction.
  • Taste reduction.
  • Odor reduction.
  • 100% coconut shell activated carbon.
  • No release of carbon fines.
  • Performance tested & verified by independent laboratory testing.
  • 5.0 micron nominal filtration for reduction of cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.
  • Reduction of certain organic chemical (VOCs).
  • Highly effective chlorine reduction through 20,000 gallons.
  • Excellent drinking water of polishing filter.
  • NSF - listed component.
  • High adsorptive capacity and efficiency
  • Efficient sediment filter
  • Unlike GAC/PAC filter elements, there is: No channeling, No fluidizing,  No release of carbon fines
  • High performance at low cost
  • Competitively priced vs. GAC filters
  • Performance tested and verified by Independent Laboratory Testing

Non Spill Cap for 3 Gallon/5 Gallon Bottle/Penutup Botol

Suitable for: 3 Gallon/ 5 Gallon Water Bottles

  • 100% Genuine..Made in England
  • Prevention Bacteria and Parasites
  • Additional ion exchange media which reduces lead and other harmful heavy metal
  • Chlorine to improve taste and odor
  • Prevention of bacteria's further growth
  • Doulton Ultra Carb candles have an additional ion exchange media which reduces lead and other harmful heavy metals.